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Arrive to your appointment alone. We will not allow anyone without an appointment into the building. Parents may join for consultation only.


Please wait to enter the building until you have been contacted and informed that your technician is ready.


Wearing a mask is required. Please wear a mask that is secured behind your ears - not tied around your head.


We will take your temperature before you come into the building for your appointment. If your temperature reads  99°or above, we will kindly ask you to reschedule your services.


Once you enter the salon, we will ask that you sanitize or wash your hands while we clean our stations or treatment rooms.


We will require you to pay for your services through your Zazú Salon Group app - contactless payment. We can assist you with the payment process & rescheduling your next services.


If you need to purchase any retail items, we will collect and prepare your sanitized bag for you.


We will not be serving beverages, so please bring your own if you'd like to.

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